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Have you ever been stranded a long way from home during a trip? The Good Samaritan program is here for you! Perhaps your bike is giving you trouble, or you have a flat tire, and you are unfamiliar with the area. TMRA members around the state have signed up with the program as volunteers to help you. A listing is printed in the folly, annually, that contains the names, phone numbers, and locations of your fellow TMRA members, and the services they can provide. To sign up as a Good Samaritan, download and print the Good Samaritan registration form.

Supporting Merchant's Program

The Supporting Merchant Program is designed to promote membership in TMRA while at the same time promoting Texas motorcycle dealerships and other retail establishments that support TMRA members. The program is aimed at encouraging a better relationship between TMRA members and businesses that cater to motorcycling interests. We ask that each establishment recognize the value of involvement with TMRA. In turn TMRA members will support these merchants. We have merchants all over the state that offer varying discounts on merchandise and/or services to members. TMRA will periodically publish the list of supporting merchants in the Daimler’s folly magazine, and here on the web site. We encourage our supporting merchants to allow us to post TMRA materials, such as the membership applications and folly magazines when possible. Our ambassadors will bring these supplies to the merchants as needed. In addition to this free listing in our publications, supporting merchants may purchase advertising in the Daimler’s folly which is mailed to all members state-wide.

Samaritan Application

Merchant's Application


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